Football Manager 2020 A Scottish Story Starts


“If he’s got even a bawhair of his old man’s fitba skills, we’re ontae a winner, gaffer”

I turned and looked at my new assistant.

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The Well Bois of Season 1

“Wow! What a noise!”

“Have you never experienced the clap before, Devante?” Richard Tait jogged away sniggering at his own joke.

It was our first friendly of the new season at Fir Park, and new loan signing Devante Cole – son of goal-scorer Andrew – was watching the ML1 Bois taking up their usual residence to the right hand side of the John Hunter stand – as close to the away support as possible. The drum would strike followed in time by a thousand hands clapping in unison.

“That’s the Iceland thing, yeah?” Cole asked me.

Before I could answer Lasley had jumped in – the head of a queue of what is always a long line of Well fans ready with the same answer whenever that particular question is asked.

My proud Assistant Manager explained, “Naw son. They stole it fae us! We invented it. We tanned one of their teams in Europe years ago. All they left here with was our chant and the Thunderclap!”

“Serves them right for hitting the Megabar after the game”

“That’s enough Tait. Get your mouldies off and into yer Puma Kings”

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I need a Hero! Season 5 Concludes

As 2022 rolls away and 2023 slips in to take its place, Legia Warsaw return from a successful winter break in Turkey recharged and ready to face the enemy across three fronts – domestically the Ekstraklasa League and FA Cup are up for grabs whilst another continental glamour tie awaits with London Blues aka Chelsea in the Euro Cup Knockouts.

No meaningful bids came in during the winter transfer window – with the exception of Valach to Arsenal covered in last season update. We have a settled squad and we know what it takes to see this league over the line but will fate favour us again. Continue reading “I need a Hero! Season 5 Concludes”

Seven Nation Army – Season 5 Striker-fest

If you read Soccernomics, The Numbers Game etc you will read consistently that strikers are overrated and seriously overpriced.

Some coaches irl eschew the striker in favour of false-9s and some FMers follow Guido’s Strikerless teachings religiously. I play variations of a 4-1-4-1 so I only ever need a match day squad with 2 or 3 at most. So tell me this. If I have Lukovac as my number one, number 9 – why did I buy another 7 strikers?

This break from Season 5 takes a look at my Seven Nation Army.

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Beware the (Under) Dog Season 5 October – December

We pick up from our super-busy schedule that saw us play 22 competitive games by end of September as we pushed for European Champions Cup group stage. Sadly Red Star Belgrade schooled us in ruthlessness and we dropped into the Euro Cup and Group F with Liverpool, Olympiakos and Sturm Graz. Here we plough on through to the Winter Break and see how we are affected by the loss of £27million worth of talent. Continue reading “Beware the (Under) Dog Season 5 October – December”

A Busy, Busy Bumblebee – Season 5 – July to September

Football Manager 2020 is on the horizon and time is running out for this save so I have decided to do something a bit different with the blog in response. Instead of the end of season updates, I am going to go match-by-match over shorter periods. Hopefully you will get a better feel for how the campaign is going this way. I will post without playing ahead so I dont know the future. Essentially this is the transcript of me streaming my  save without bothering to up the spec of my laptop, invest in microphones or put on trousers.

Season 22/23 Legia Warsaw are Champions of Poland for the first time in 4 years, we have qualified for the European Champions Cup with its untold riches (£10m for groups),  and we have a clear pathway for the best young talent in Poland to make the core of our team. Let’s see how we do. Continue reading “A Busy, Busy Bumblebee – Season 5 – July to September”

You’re in the Army Now! Season 4 2021/22 Update

“You just have to face it, you rarely meet a poor bookie!” Bergkamp laughed at his own joke as if it was the first time he’d heard it. The odds for the title were in and Legia Warsaw were favourites to win. “But Lech were so dominant last year” I repeated. “In Poland, the Army’s team are always favourites. You’re not in Kansas now, Dorothy. Welcome to Legia.” And off he chortled. He was right though this wasn’t the GieKSa underdog fairytale anymore. We were the big boys, there to be shot down, teams fought for everything against us and we saw more parked buses than the Glasgow Corporation Depot. But do you know what? Couldn’t be happier. Bring It On!

You love to see it

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