Season 2 Update – Struggles in the Top Tier

“Heiko, here’s 50 zloty. Go down to Wullie Hills and put it on us to win the league.” “You are a fucking idiot” Ahh that famous teutonic humour. “We’re 750-1, Heiko. I can’t wait to tell the lads that we’re going for the league this year.” “Fucking idiot”.


I had planned to follow the same format of posting as Season 1 but rather than doing a mid-season update I used my free time to play through the game. Hopefully you have missed it so much that this bumper update will have you dancing in the street. I covered our squad rebuilding in the previous post and how it was hampered by my selfish ambitions of getting a better job.

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Pre-Season 2 Ma, he’s makin’ eyes at me

It had a been a long year and he was exhausted. Promotion from Poland’s First Division to the top tier Ekstraklasa was unexpected. The over-achievement came with no little physical and mental exertions and he was feeling it now. Could he face a relegation battle next year? A season with few moments of joy and even less chance of sweet wins. The thought was too much. In his office, Davidson switched the main light off, draped his red, silk handkerchief over the desk lamp and stood in the red ambient light in his full length window. He was ready for his next trick.

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Season 1 Over For Blushing Debutante

“That’s us for another year then, Stuart”. “Yes, Mr Chairman”. “Good to see the boys looking forward to their summer break, isn’t it?”. “Yes, Mr Chairman”. “Cannot wait to get started again though. See you in June for preseason.” “Er, Yes, Mr Chairman”.
Not if I can help it.

The problem with Christmas holidays is you think you have all the time in the world but when it comes to getting some high quality FM blogs that might interest you it turns out to disappear in a haze of wine and beer and cheese. So you my dear reader will have to make do with a dreary save update covering the 2nd half of my debut season with GieKSa in Poland’s First Division. Continue reading “Season 1 Over For Blushing Debutante”

Season 1 Winter Break

Why are you so mad that you don’t have competition for your own position? I don’t get it. As your manager I feel that Cichy is a centre half, new boy Sochan will be a centre half. That makes 5 of you. Just because you read in The Słońce that ones a right back, the others a defensive midfielder doesn’t make it true ya tool. Look Mat, you’ve made Piesio cry.

When I started this blog up, I was keen for it to be a place to dump stuff that I didn’t feel worthy of more established FM Community sites that I’d contributed to in the past. So following that ethos of worthless content here is my update on the first half of season 1.

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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together


Are you sure? He’s their captain and he’s not playing? Not injured, not suspended, Figiel is just dropped? Hmmmm. And Bartl – you said he was their key player but he’s not even on the bench? Ok. What about this Segundo Volante then. Is he still a danger to look out for? Centre half you say? Right. You’ll be telling me next that Niewulis is out. Oh he is still playing? Excellent we can press on with the plan.

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Proper Full Time Job This

Look it’s a fairly simple request to make, Jocelyn. As Chief Scout I’d have thought it not beyond your means. I just need to know their captain, vice captain, key player, what formation their manager likes, how his team presses, how they score oals, where the assists come from, a comprehensive list of their strengths and weaknesses, what formations have they faced, how they did against them, OH! and get the Anal Datayst to look out their stats on……

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Gies a job!

They came through the post on the same day. One envelope marked Open University, the other emblazoned with that familiar SFA badge. There was no suspense – I knew I had passed both weeks ago but there was a small part of me that was nervous when I opened each in turn. Sorry, Mr Davidson. We found out the real truth you’ve never read a word of Czech in your life. You have been unmasked as a fraud who has never kicked a ball let alone coached a football team. Fleetingly these dark thoughts passed and I was left with my 2 certificates. One higher in Czech language to go with my German and Polish. The second my UEFA Continental A coaching licence. Finally, I was ready to go job hunting. Question is who in the heart of Europe was ready to take a chance on an unknown Scottish Football Manager?

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